Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Update on 4112 Nataab

I had suspected that the occupants of this house were in some kind of financial trouble because they had only just bought the place in December 2004, and then they employed the "alien" realtor from up north in Antioch, who offered the place for $1.2 million. (It had been purchased in 2004 for $899,000.) Well tonight when I came home from work I noticed the alien realtor sign was gone and in its place a sign from Team Scarborough, still not exactly what I would call the generic brand south bay realtor but their office in Pacific Palisades is close enough. They work in conjunction with Coldwell Banker. I took a brochure but the price was not listed on it. My heart sank. I thought about that old saying, "If you have to ask about the price, you can't afford it." But this was ridiculous!

The MLS listings at Team Scarborough turned up this property. It is listed for $1,049,000. Down 12.5% from the previous fantasmagorical asking price, which I wonder was really just some kind of joke on this neighborhood. It's still a fantasmagorical asking price, in my opinion.


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