Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fusion condo anyone?

I was wondering if this day would ever occur, or whether the Centex project Fusion at South Bay would sell out so quickly that it would never happen. It looks like the day has arrived. Last week we actually got this brochure in the regular mail:

The one glaring omission from this brochure? Hawthorne. Fusion at South Bay is located in Hawthorne 90250. Hawthorne is not mentioned a single time in this brochure.

I love the line about "morning surf lessons with the kids in Manhattan Beach" as part of the lifestyle Centex is selling. Uh, don't parents work? Don't kids go to school? And then there's back-to-school shopping at a "cool new boutique."

I don't see it published anywhere, but for some reason the number "280" sticks in my head when I think about the number of units being built at Fusion. The tagline for this condo development is, "It takes energy to live in the city." Yep, it's gonna take lots of energy to wrestle your way out into the Aviation Boulevard traffic in the morning, beating the cars from the other 279 units to do so.

There is a 28 unit condo complex three doors down from where we live. Unit #18 was put on the market 09/16/2006. It has 1368 square feet, and was listed at $594K. It was reduced 09/28/2006 to $576K, then again on 09/29/2006 to $558K. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Sexier zip code (90278) versus 90250, in a condo unit possibly 1/10th the size. The complex has a nice sized pool to boot, too, not just a wading pool for the kiddies. Residence C at Fusion is 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 1208 square feet, and starts at $601,500. Residence D is 2 bed/2 bath, 1331 square feet, and starts from $601K. Access to the same morning surf lessons in Manhattan Beach and the same cool boutique for back-to-school shopping. In spite of my heckling Fusion about their use of the word "energy", I'll assume their floorplans are better than those in the neigboring condos - I have visited the next door condos and the word that comes to mind is "claustrophobia." And it's true that the units near me are over 30 years old. Still, we're talking nearly a 10% price difference here.


Blogger bearmaster said...

On further checking, I see that Fusion does actually list a community pool in its amenities. It also has a playground and a clubhouse, plus greenbelts and sidewalks.

The neighboring condo to me advertises a "las vegas type" outdoor pool and sunning area, jacuzzi, sauna, and parkette.

I guess a valid point of comparison might then be the monthly HOA, but I don't know how to go about getting that information.

10:54 PM, October 01, 2006  
Blogger rick said...

he HOA is $185/month, which is low - but there is an added fee called a malarouse (spell?), which is tax imposed by the city to Centex - which is essentially passed on to the buyer.

I bought a 1400 sq. ft - 2 bedroom 1.5 bath unit place with a 2 car garage for a list price of $475K - but I got 15K as an incentive for having a local business. I also got all the upgrades with a gourmet kitchen, stone tile floors down stairs and upgraded shag rug upstairs with 9ft. ceilings throughout. The place is breathtaking and in my opinion the location is unbeatable. Your are 2.5 miles from the sand in manhattan beach, 4 miles to LAX, and less than a mile from the 405. So for $460K I got a beautiful place that is brand new with an unbelievably convenient location. Now if you venture to the other side of the 405 things get a little trashy fast - but it's not too bad.
I looked for 2 years for a place and this was by far the best deal I saw within those two years. I wasn't the only one who thought so either - When Centex finally got aggressive with their prices they sold about 30 places in 3 weeks - I was lucky to get one. now if the economy doesn't completely go to hell I'll be fine. but if it does we're all screwed anyhow --
Hope this info helps --

9:00 PM, June 11, 2008  

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