Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Another suspected foreclosure at 4112 Naatab

I'm starting to wonder if I am the neighborhood jinx. This home was once a lovely 4 bedroom home with one of those beautiful leafy palms in the backyard. I lived next to it, across the street, for eight years (photo extreme left). The owner was elderly and eventually Alzheimer's got the best of her, poor thing, and she went to live with her daughter. The family put the house on the market for $599,000 and sold it for $620,000 in July 2003, in the midst of the mania (it's been going on for years here).

That lovely property was torn down to make way for two bubbleminiums. Both units sold in December 2004, the front one for $899,000 and the back one for $890,000.

You know what they say about how the late stages of a mania sucks in the minorities? A minority family occupied unit A, and they had a flashy Corvette in the driveway to go along with the house. Over the last few months I noticed I had not seen any sign of them, and then this morning I found the realtor yardarm in the front with the brochures.

It all looks very mysterious. The bubbleminium is not listed with Shorewood or Zip Realty or one of other local realties, it is listed with Jordan Real Estate, which is headquartered up in Antioch, somewhere up north located in the general area of Stockton, Walnut Creek, and Berkeley. Visit their website and you'll see they barely have a website, as of the time of this writing.

The asking price is $1,200,000, yet another Fantasyland asking price.

This may be the second foreclosure I've noticed this month within a close radius of my north Redondo apartment.


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