Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday excursion, February 5, 2006

Another Sunday excursion to the dog park with our neighbors' cute white dog.

5122 Ruofud is on the same street where our dog-loving neighbors live, just a few doors down and across the street. It has been listed at Zip Realty since October 11, 2005 with an asking price of $900,000. The owners are clearly targeting a builder who wants to build two bubbleminiums on the lot.
The info on the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor doesn't look complete, but it looks like as of January 2002 it at least had a tax assessment value of around $247,203.

2002 Nosnibor is currently for sale at $769,000. It's probably one of the better deals around here, but it's all very relative. The current owner has been there, since 1985, I believe.

We stopped at the open house for 3191 Setag. Asking price is $1,198,000 and the property went on the market January 24, 2006. Built in 1994. The property has a back yard - a small one, but a back yard. Most of the new bubbleminiums have a yard the size of a postage stamp. The rooms here are sunny and spacious, kind of cheery. The house sits on a hill and has a good view west. The down side is that there is noisy traffic from the main street just half a block away. Overall, nicer than a lot of the bubble construction we've seen. The house needs some maintenance work though. From the info by the tax assessor, the tax base for this property was $542,128 in September 2000. It's difficult to think that somebody will likely pay over $1,000,000 and maybe even over $1.1 million for this.

Update: 0212 Ruofud is a complex of 28 condominiums. It's hard to believe they can cram all that in there. In an earlier post I mentioned two properties for sale in this complex.
The listing for #20 at $579,000 with Catalist Homes apparently expired, and the property is relisted with Prudential Homes for $570,000 as of January 25, 2006.
I would expect these lower end properties to be bought fairly quickly once spring selling season kicks in, because these are among the most affordable properties here in North Redondo. Of course it's all quite relative when I say "affordable".
By the way, Mr. Tax Man says that as of September 1997 the tax assessment base was $234,825.

And here we are resting after collecting all that information.


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