Friday, January 27, 2006

Fusion Madness grips the South Bay

I got this email from a reader, whom I won't name to respect his privacy:
I saw your post on the housing blog and just wanted to chime in. I was originally forty-something on the list to buy at Fusion, but I felt that buying a unit there as an investment property wasn't a good idea.... so I stopped showing up for the phase releases and as a result, they kicked me off the priority list. About one week after the list started, there were over 700 people on the list to purchase. Every once in a while I stop by the site to check on the prices and they have increased about 25k for some units (plans C and D) since phase I. So there appears to be enough demand there to justify increases with every release. Yes it's crazy and stupid.
I was pretty sure starting low-end prices were originally in the high $400,000s, now they are at $509,000, confirming what my contributor stated.


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