Friday, November 24, 2006

From the South Bay bubble scrapbook

I just thought you might like to see something besides the bubbleminiums in north Redondo Beach or photographs of the depressingly high-density housing now being built in the South Bay.

We were up in Little Ethiopia (in zip code 90035) on Thanksgiving Day. The residential streets off of Fairfax and Olympic have some attractive properties. There are many duplexes. If somebody held guns to our heads today and told us we had to buy real estate, and all other factors stayed the same, in terms of our employment, this is probably one area we'd consider. I am not suggesting for a minute that we're thinking of buying, only giving a hypothetical scenario.

This first duplex has an empty unit in the front. We wandered in and discovered a private enclosed courtyard.

The properties here actually have enough lawn to do a bit of landscaping.

For some reason, the terra cotta color of this duplex just really jazzed me.

This single family residence reminds me of one of the prettiest properties in north Redondo, at the corner of Green and Marshallfield.

There weren't many trees planted in front yards, but this particular house has a tree out past the sidewalk. We noticed some shallow-rooted trees really doing damage to some sidewalks.

We drove across town and ended up at Fox Hills Mall, with a view of the Westchester "bluffs". Those big homes you see up on the hill are the newest McMansions in the north part of Westchester.


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