Thursday, October 12, 2006

Greater West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce: Sign of the Times

There is a short notice in the Greater West Los Angeles Business Monthly newspaper October edition (not yet online) talking about the proliferation of open house signs in the west side.

According to this story by Jay Handal, the number of realtor signs in the medians of the major streets in Brentwood and Westwood have jumped. At Gorham and San Vicente, 20 signs recently occupied 2 corners of the intersection. It's getting so crowded with realtor signs that people cannot pass on the sidewalk. And the Chamber of Commerce has been receiving numerous complaints.

Apparently, leaving frame and poster signage out on the streets and sidewalksis illegal and so the Chamber of Commerce threatening to have anybody cited and fined as well as confiscating the illegal signs.

The article even has a picture of a human sign twirler standing out in one of these street medians, and there is another photograph showing the clutter of signs on one corner.

I was amused by this article because I've been thinking, "Hmm, this is only going to get worse! Either they better get used to it, or realtors or going to have to come up with other ways to advertise their open houses." Maybe on the sides of buses? Pay people to wear printed t-shirts? Fly a plane with a banner overhead? The Goodyear blimp? But those choices could get expensive!


Blogger speedingpullet said...

I'd love to see a photo!

The median on San Vicente is normally populated by toney joggers. I guess the morning run has gone from a leisurely ramble to a slalom, trying to avoid those signs...

9:01 AM, October 12, 2006  
Blogger bearmaster said...

Give the Chamber of Commerce a little time to put the October edition online, and at least you'll see the sign clutter, but no challenged joggers. That would make a funny photo though!

BTW, there is also another photo of a sign out advertising a full hour massage for $44, so it's not only real estate signs that are incurring the wrath of the elite westside pedestrians - it's just that the real estate signs are bearing the brunt of it.

9:50 AM, October 12, 2006  

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