Friday, February 10, 2006

Signposts from Two Eras

This first image is from the book Timing the Real Estate Market, by Robert Campbell, a highly experienced builder in San Diego. You can read my quick review here. (I was a tad critical of his book because collecting the data he wants us to analyze seems a bit cumbersome - still, he has the exact right idea.) This picture from his book consists of headlines from the LA Times and the San Diego Union Tribune from 1991 to 1994.

The second image contains the titles of classes in the February - March - April 2006 edition of The Learning Annex. This is only a portion of the classes offered about real estate.

What do you think these two images say about real estate markets?

By the way, one of the classes offered at Learning Annex (not shown in this second image) is about how to time real estate markets in Los Angeles, by the same Robert Campbell. After reading his book I think I can safely say he will not fill your ears with any blather about it always being a good time to buy real estate. He'll actually teach something useful - a way of calculating market tops and bottoms. If you are interested, search the Learning Annex web site by typing in 874E. Or try this link.


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