Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm sitting in my apartment pondering the sorry state of this housing market, and a Shorewood realtor rings my doorbell...

inviting me to an open house for a place down on Curtis. Wow. A hand-delivered flyer and an invitation delivered in person!

Earlier this year, unlike last year, I did not get the flyers and calendars left on our doorstep from local realtors. Now I've gotten a personal invitation to an open house.

Guess that terrific spring selling season is over! Hmm, do they know they're inviting a beach city bubble blogger to these events?

When the woman said she was from Shorewood my heart almost sank - I thought I was getting busted for something. She did not seem cheery and very very friendly the way you'd expect a realtor to be. In fact, she seemed just a tad tense.

Anyway, she introduced herself and invited me to this open house, handing me the flyer shown below. I've lived in this neighborhood steadily since 1995 (and spottily before then) and know this house well. I happen to like it a lot - it has that cute eye appeal and definitely stands out nicely in a neighborhood full of recently built bloatominiums.

Recognizing the house, I took the flyer, but told her we weren't really interested. She said OK, well if you know somebody who needs a realtor, please give them my name.

Well, if I'm going to egg on the demise of this market (which may destroy the livelihoods of many realtors and God knows how many other people and businesses), the least I can do is post this flyer for this lady. I'm distributing it in a way she's probably never imagined. She's looking for business, so if you want to sell your place, here is her info (I'm not even bothering to blot out the address of the open house):


Blogger bearmaster said...

If you REALLY want to go to that open house, the time is 1-3 PM. I cut off the time at the top of the flyer.

5:12 PM, June 08, 2007  

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