Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Realtor current market reports, early May 2006

Realtor Don Tambini is one of my favorite realtors to report from because he's a "numbers" kind of guy.

For the numbers below, just multiply out the number sold by the average price to get an idea of amount transacted, which is a more accurate indicator of market health than just the average price.

For Manhattan Beach SFRs in April, he reports the following numbers:

                         2006          2005
number sold:               31            39
average price:     $2,055,000    $1,568,000
average DOM:               72            24

For Hermosa Beach SFRs in April:

                         2006          2005
number sold:               15            16
average price:     $1,394,000    $1,039,000
average DOM:               58            36

For Redondo Beach SFRs in April:

                         2006          2005
number sold:               20            29
average price:       $965,000      $850,000
average DOM:               75            28

Unfortunately he does not report on El Segundo.


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