Tuesday, April 07, 2009

South Bay Tax Day Tea Party - be there!

Folks, I know I've been neglecting the local housing data but I got drafted into an organization that's organizing a Tea Party protest for April 15 - and I want housing bubble bloggers to come!

Here is the link to my organization:

South Bay Tax Day Tea Party

I've been going to planning meetings. When I mentioned that I do this housing bubble blog a few guys in the room responded in recognition - then let it all out. They are young, and probably thinking of having families in the not-to-distant future, and they told me of their frustration in watching home prices just bubble up in craziness over the past several years, knowing they'd never be able to afford anything.

Well this Tea Party is partly about rethinking the role of government in our lives (which gets more corrupt and crooked by the day), and in bringing fiscal sanity back to our economy - starting in Washington. We've been on a downhill slide - oh, maybe since 1913. When fiscal and economic sanity and responsibility are restored, and markets are allowed to seek out and realize their true values, then we'll have created an environment where housing values can return to sane levels.

This Tea Party is about you and for you. Please come!

I've been making posters for this event, many of them inspired by Karl Denninger over at Market Ticker. You can see my posters here: Tea Party Posters


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