Friday, April 18, 2008

March 2008 short sales in Redondo Beach

This is the list of recent short sales that my database is currently banging out. My prior list is here.

I measure strictly on a sale to sale basis, and do not take into account the costs of selling. Were I to do so, there would be more properties listed here.

SALE       PRIOR      % CHG   PROPERTY                   SQFT

2008-04-07 2005-12-13 -16.0   103x    Avenue A            850
2008-03-17 2005-03-15  -6.0    20x    Camino Real B      2301
2008-03-17 2005-10-15 -15.0    62x    Esplanade 66       1361
2008-03-03 2005-12-09 -11.0   152x    Carver Street      1945
2008-02-26 2006-04-15 -32.0    44x    Calle Miramar 88   1868 *

The Calle Miramar transaction is flagged as abnormal by Zillow. It also went for more than asking price, which invalidates my claim that no recent transactions sold for more than asking price.


Blogger wannabuy said...

I think the Calle Miramar example just shows that if you get under the market price, buyers will bid it back up to market. It amazes me how many sellers do not get that!

I wonder why the short sales rate will be in a year from now? All indicators are that it will be a multiple of today's rate.

Still a waiter's market...
The typical consumer has far too much debt for a quick recovery. Cest la vie.

Got Popcorn?

2:07 PM, April 19, 2008  
Blogger raid1995 said...

I have provided a link to help realtors doing short sales. This website will have short sale packages for every lender. If you need a package that is not on this site please feel free to email me.

4:42 PM, May 08, 2009  

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