Thursday, February 07, 2008

L.A. Times: Pets losing homes, humans in foreclosure

I've blogged about this issue before about pets being abandoned by homeowners who have been foreclosed upon - pets are a subject near and dear to my heart. This was definitely a forseeable tragic outcome to this housing debacle.

Here in Southern California, it is practically a sin to own a pet - you pay extortion fees in deposits and rent if your landlord happens to accepts pets. I really can't say I blame the landlords entirely because so many pet owners are so irresponsible. But responsible pet owners who socialize and train their dogs and take the time to learn to control their animals do not get any break in rent, whatsoever. Being a renter in a no-pets apartment, I can say that even if my landlady allowed pets, I could not responsibly own one, as the place is so small, and we spend so few hours home.

Anyway, here is the grim February 1 story by Martin Zimmerman. If you are in a position to take an animal and would like one, you'll probably find a greater and greater choice at your local animal shelter over the coming months. If you know somebody facing foreclosure and has been unsuccessful rehoming their pets, coax them into taking their animals to the local shelter. Between being abandoned in an empty house and starving, wandering the streets and risking getting hit by a car, or entering the chaotic environment of a shelter, the shelter is likely the best option. At least there is a chance the animal will get adopted, and if not, the animal will be humanely euthanized.


Blogger bearmaster said...

Call me an animal activist wacko if you like, but I also have major complaints with these homeowner associations that have weight limits on pets!

For example, one time while I was at the Carson shelter I saw a couple turning in a perfectly nice, sweet pure Labrador Retriever, because she was too big according to the rules of the homeowner association of the new condo they just bought.

I have never understood size restrictions since some little 10 pound dogs can be quite vicious and run out and bite people, while some big dogs can be "couch potatoes."

This is yet another example of the stupid rules collections of people make.

8:56 AM, February 07, 2008  

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