Friday, September 28, 2007

CAR August report for Redondo Beach

I have finally taken the time to scrape through the archives at the California Association of Realtors and put together a trend graph for all home sales (new and existing, SFR and condo) for Redondo Beach.

There are a few glitches. I had to backfill February 2005 data by looking at data from 2004 and 2006. Also, MS-Excel for some reason refuses to show the Moving Average I calculated for the median price series. Hopefully I'll get around that.

The following graphs include August 2007 data.

In my opinion, this is a better representation of median price data than the data broken out by zip code, SFR, and condo we get mid-month from L.A. Business Journal and from the L.A. Times.

I will try to make this a regular end-of-the-month feature, now that I have a dataset in place.


Blogger bearmaster said...

So are local realtors trumpeting a "recovery" in the Redondo market given that the median price is hitting new highs? I don't think so. Inventory has been piling on at the rate of better than 3 properties a day.

The gains are coming from the high end. If you take a look at Redondo Beach in Zip Realty and sort by price, notice that there are properties listed in the high-$300's and more in the $400's (even when you discount all the crappy multiple data entries). Properties in those price ranges were practically non-existent in late 2005!

8:41 AM, September 28, 2007  

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