Sunday, January 01, 2006

History of 2102 Swehtam Lane

The earliest history I could find on this property was 2001. There are three townhomes on the property. This is actually on the nicer side of north Redondo, and this section of the street is more tree-lined than most of the rest of the neighborhood, giving it a nice cool feel in the summer.

Here is the valuation history I could find:
         Sep-2001  Dec-2001  Nov-2004  Mar-2005  Apr-2005  Dec-2005*
 Front   $435,000                                $716,000
 Mid     $397,000                      $680,000       
 Rear              $435,000  $710,000                      $995,000

* The rear unit is currently for sale. From the sales brochure it sounds like a large deck is what gives this unit its valuation (we won't talk about the crazy things going on with valuation in the synapses of the brains of buyers). Sellers are "very motivated", whatever that means.


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