Sunday, January 01, 2006

History of 2020 Noslen Lane

Whenever I go by this house I always think of that Beatles song "Mean Mr. Mustard". It certainly looks like that he could live here. Actually, this is one of the nicer looking homes in the neighborhood from the inside. When it was under construction I noted the wide hallways and the arches, which I particularly like. The property that was formerly here was sold to a builder in July 2001 for $300,000. Each of the townhomes built sold in September 2002, one for $519,000 and one for $589,000. The property in front is currently (January 2006) is now in escrow, but was listed for sale at $999,900 (call it a megabuck). Only a Hummer will qualify as the transportation mode of choice in this neighborhood. The red arrow points to the matching yellow Hummer owned by the residents in the back. Nope, there ain't hard signs of a slowdown here, not yet.


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