Saturday, December 15, 2007

more on the Ruxton Lane Developments

I managed to stop by the 27-unit development on Ruxton Lane today before the open house and snuck in to one unit. Although the realtor was not in sight, he had left a music player on amidst cases of sodas and party food, and we glanced around one new unit to the tunes of Led Zeppelin.

We did a more thorough look of the unit next door. For the money, I think this is a far better, more practical layout than the Bayberry plan in the Village on Oak, which as far as I know is sold out. But the prices are still astronomical.

I did accomplish what I set out to do - get a price sheet. Square footage ranges from 1903 to 2144, and asking prices range from $749,000 to $810,000. Out of 27 properties, it looks like three were pre-sold at 1720. I've added all the properties in to my database.

As we were leaving, we greeted the realtor as he was hauling in some bags of ice.

There is a 192-unit relatively new pack-em-in senior condo development just up the street from these condos. This pseudo-panoramic photo is of the senior condos, on the north end of Ruxton. Apparently Ruxton has been the target of a revitalization project, and the site of the senior condos was once a plastics factory. I don't know anything about the prices. I don't have anything to say about them except that they look as institutional as Fusion or most of the other pack-em-in style housing projects in the area.


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